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Branding Foundations 101

2 day workshop to develop your branding foundations &
level-up your photography business.

Confused Chaos to Creative Consistency

Develop a solid foundation
Have a guided path to take
Learn with someone with years of experience

June 12-13, 2021


Photography is not just about an image, it’s the experience in what you capture.

The same is for your photography business. Your photography is not only your art, but also your expression. Building a foundation that showcases that passion will attract the right clients for your art, along with setting you apart from the rest.


Here is how it Will help you

Key Takeway #1

Key Takeway #2

Key Takeway #3

Get my step-by-step program,
Quest Now, to set your branding foundations, and start your quest on branding your business. 

Go from being confused about your business to finding your why, and truly understanding your love for your craft.

Learn how to position your photography business to get the right clients with my Power Up Framework.

Hi, I’m Jessica Naves, a multi-disciplined designer, brand specialist, and photographer with a passion for all things creative. I run Spaz Creative a creative studio for all your design and marketing needs.

I have always been in love with art, design, and photography. There is even a video of my kindergarten graduation stating I wanted to be an art teacher when I grew up. Fast forward. I have been learning design since I was in middle school and never stopped. I have an associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree in graphic design and marketing.

In my last year of college I rediscovered my love for photography and the people in that community and I noticed many of them were having a bit of an identity crisis. Their photography was amazing but they did not know how to showcase it to the world under a brand that made since.

That is why I created this workshop to help photographers find their why and take control of you brand.